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At Stable Dentures we provide clients with effective solutions for their missing teeth, employing high-quality dentures and implant-retained techniques to make sure our patients receive functional, beautiful smiles.

Denture stabilisation is a solution to the problems experienced by people who wear dentures. Having a stabilised denture will eradicate many of the potential pitfalls of wearing a denture and leave clients confident with how their smile looks and functions.

Implant-retained dentures provide maximum support by increasing the force of the bite, preventing irritation and ensuring a secure fit. The implants we use are made from high-quality titanium which integrates into the jaw bone, without interfering with the surrounding structures or irritating the gums.

We have experience in dental implants and denture stabilisation techniques and treat every client as an individual.

Dr Jag Shergill has a wealth of experience in fitting dental implants and treating denture patients. He is a friendly, approachable dentist with many years of experience in the dental industry and a popular reputation amongst clients and fellow dentists.

Modern dentures are light, comfortable and lifelike. Thanks to stabilisation techniques you also have peace of mind that your appliance will not come loose or cause any pain or irritation. Stable dentures really can change your life and no longer will you need to rely on fixative or worry about what you eat!

"Thanks for for my new dentures I can now eat without worrying about my dentures falling out."
M Peters
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